Friday, November 17, 2006

Today's quote: Nov. 17, 2006

"[I]f post-modern man, like modern man, rejects the Christian mode of existence, the result will be that an explicitly non-Christian mode of existence will progressively come into being at the heart of human life. It will have its own structure and its own substance. And since it exists, it must manifest its existence and its dynamism. And it will do so in all the violence of the chaotic. Violence is the mark of the Architect of Chaos, the Evil One, whose presence in the world is part of the structure of the world.... It was Nietzsche, I think, who said that the non-Christian man of modern times has not yet fully realized what it means to be non-Christian. But in these last decades the realization has been dawning, as we have watched the frightening emergence and multiplication of that 'senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless' man whom Paul met on the streets of non-Christian Corinth..."

John Courtney Murray, 'We Hold These Truths'


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